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Sunless tanning is a popular way to enjoy look of tan without having to go in sun or a tanning bed. It's also perfect for UV tanners since it can give you that extra boost of color you may be looking for to enhance your existing tan. Years ago, sunless tanners contained dyes that left skin unpleasantly orange and streaky.   Today, thanks to modern technology, all of the sunless tanning options carried here at Sunsational Tanning Spa are the perfect solution for creating an instant, realistic tan for any occasion without the worry of your skin being orange or streaky!

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Our professional tanning spas offer two different pieces of sunless tanning equipment that will both allow you to get an immediate sunless tan in just minutes!  

Our Custom Airbrush Tanning utilizes a technologically advanced system that allows a professionally trained technician to personally spray you for personalized, flawless body-detailing in less than five minutes, providing the perfect tan for every skin tone and body type. You will end up with long-lasting color with no streaking!

Our AutoBronzer or Mystic Tan Booth, both automated, non-claustrophobic, comfortable booths, allow you to get an immediate, beautiful, full-body sunless tan in just minutes while providing you with complete privacy for a stress-free experience. Both offer a fast, convenient application and your choice of 3 tanning levels for a perfect, even, golden tan with longer lasting color.